Open A Corporate A/C

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  1. HKID Card/Passport /Other Identification document of each Director, Authorized Person and Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) of the Account*
  2. Certificate of Incorporation*
  3. Board minutes / resolution approving opening of account(s) and appointing authorized person(s)*
  4. Copy of List of Director(s) and Authorized Person(s)
  5. Latest Register of Members, Register of Directors and Annual Return/Company Search Report* (Register of Members is not applicable to listing company)
  6. Business Registration Certificate*
  7. Memorandum and Articles of Association or Bye-Laws or equivalent documents*
  8. Bank Reference (e.g. statement or savings pass book)
  9. Personal Guarantee provided by any one of the directors and his/her proof of Residential Address (if applicable)
  10. Latest Audited Accounts (signed by Director or Director and authorized person)
  11. Address proof of latest three months
  12. Organization chart showing the ownership and control structure of the company, up to the ultimate individual Beneficial Owners and their addresses (certified by Director)
  13. Certificate of incumbency issued by the company’s registered agent in the place of incorporation (within 6 months, not applicable to company registered in Hong Kong)


  1. * Document submitted should be (A) originals and copies of them or (B) certified true copies of the originals.
    • Originals will be used for certification and they will be returned to the client after Grand retains a set copy of the certified documents for its records.
    • Certified true copies: must be certified by independent third parties such as practicing solicitors/accountants. Grand will retain all certified copies documents for its records. 
    • The certifier shall, on the documents certified by him:
      • sign and date
      • print clearly his name
      • print his office or capacity
      • state that the document is a true copy of its origina 
  2. If either English or Chinese is not the legal language of the country of the corporate client, board minutes/resolution should contain a version of the corporate client country's language and its translated English notarized by a notary public.
  3. Certified true copies of the documents for the changes in respect of the registered details of the Annual Return (of a Hong Kong Corporate) subsequent to the date of Return.